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Thankyou / Jeff Ramsey (None)  Read >>
Thankyou / Jeff Ramsey (None)
My son has played in the baseball tournament the past two years and this coming year will be year three. His name is Carter and he is 10 yrs old. He plays travel baseball, soccer, and basketball. Your story gives me a heavy heart as I see my son in a very similar way you saw yours. I think it is great how you have memorialized your son and I spoke with my son about Brad's story. We visited his gravesite last year and I know he was watching down from heaven with a smile, seeing all those baseball players looking up to him. All I can say is thank you for sharing your story, it puts things in perspective in this crazy world. Wish you all the best! God Bless. Close
In memory  / Jamie Brady (Just another grandma )  Read >>
In memory  / Jamie Brady (Just another grandma )
I found your site with the tournament link. My 9 year old grandson will be playing and our family will be sending a lot of love to heaven. Close
Long time yet never forgotten  / Josh Kline (friend)  Read >>
Long time yet never forgotten  / Josh Kline (friend)
It sure has been along time my friend. Gonna be ten years. I think of you quite a bit still to this day. Always the memory of you running around Shore Acres with your ball and bat. Waiting for anybody to throw you a pitch. I have a six year old son now and when he does certain things I picture your face buddy. You were always so positive and fun to have around. I miss alot about the old days. Friends, ball games, family and you. You will always be in our minds and hearts Brad. we will always miss you and can't wait til the day we are united again. Close
I stop by once and a while  / Bruce Grzeg (none)  Read >>
I stop by once and a while  / Bruce Grzeg (none)
at your final resting spot.  Looked you up within the internet.  I enjoy seeing the baseballs, mits, some of the notes on the baseballs and the memories that you have left behind.  After reading about you I have come to understand how much you meant to all of those in your life.  Close
brad. / Lexi Hoffman (friend)  Read >>
brad. / Lexi Hoffman (friend)

my oh my it's been awhile. alot of memories are coming back now that lexi helfrich moved in with you up there. im sure she's already running things (: just thinkin of all the times we had together. i remember when you first got diagnosed and you couldn't do p.e. but you came to class to watch and cheer us on in dodge ball and when we were supposed to be streching i'd be to distracted when you would just smile at me and i'd smile back at you (: that's when we were crushing lol. then valentines day rolled around and your family came over. you gave me a brats doll and a box of candy hearts <3 i gave you a phat farms shirt and a teddy bear the was praying. i remember when you came home from florida and you gave me a necklace with two dolphins and and l in the middle that made heart i still wear it from time to time. and when you gave me my saint jude teddy bear which i have sitting next to you and brookies picture in my room. i remember when we went to implay and i spent hours trying to find something to wear because i wanted to impress you. (i look back at that then and laugh at how bad of style i had) i remember when you took down a beer at my house on super bowl sunday total champ (; haha and i remember fourth of july at your house with you me and brandon blowing up coke bottles with bottle rockets and you dancing with a wig to the song "yeah" by usher on your pool deck. to sum it all up we have had so many great times and too many to name off on here. i miss you alot bud. you wouldn't believe how much has changed here although you watch it everyday. brooke is growing upp right in front of me and is so beautiful. and she has a boyfriend but no need to have God send any lightning he seems like a nice kid i met him at my birthday this year. i wish you were here to be finishing high school with me ): whenever i get down i just wish you were here to do something goofy to cheer me up. all this news of lexi has me so low and i cant sleep tonight. ): just take good care of her and send me some sunshine tommorow so i know your both hand in hand smiling down on us all. i love you alot bud.

(your elementary sweet heart and friend) lexi

An Angel Is What I'd Be  / Stephanie McCann (Friend)  Read >>
An Angel Is What I'd Be  / Stephanie McCann (Friend)

I read this poem and instantly thought of Brad!

An Angel Is What I'd Be

If I had a choice
An angel's what I'd be,
And everything that happened
I'd be there to see,

You'd be right there with me
To wrap my wings around,
Only you would know I'm there
For I would'nt make a sound,

I would see ahead of you
To help direct your path,
I'd always be there with you
You'd never have to ask,

I'd be there protecting you
And keeping you from harm,
For nothing is too hard for me
With my loving arms,

When you have somewhere to go
I'll be with you in flight,
I'll also be there protecting
In the middle of the night,

So if I had a choice
An angel's what I'd be,
I'd be right there beside you
Helping you so see

God Bless You Bradley  / Leslie (None)  Read >>
God Bless You Bradley  / Leslie (None)
I just wanted to say how sorry i am for your loss. Bradley was a good looking kid. I will be praying for you all. May your sweet Bradley rest in peace now and forever more. You will see that Beautiful face one day and then just think how it will be forever... I have a niece that just turned 5 that has not just 1 but 2 brain tumors so i know what it's like to have someone you love so sick.
Please feel free to visit my grandpa's site. I even have a picture of my Niece Ashli on there.

My grandpa's site is

God bless you and your family. Close
This kinda goes along with Abby's - Bradley, you're ornery;)  / Hallie (Good friend )  Read >>
This kinda goes along with Abby's - Bradley, you're ornery;)  / Hallie (Good friend )
So Abby posted before me about someone/something pulling her hair.  Yeah, I have no doubts in my mind that it's you.  I've had some weird stuff happen to me too Brad!  When I first moved into this house, I had a couple CD's fly across my room - Was that you?  Or how about the time, me and Michelle were home alone, with all doors locked, JAMMING to the radio REALLY REALLY loud.. And then Michelle looked at the front door, and it was open.. But just enough for a small person to sneak in - Now Brad you weren't big by any means, so unless you got to Heaven, and pumped some MAJOR iron, I think it was you:) I love thinking about things like this happening, and thinking that their you.. I really miss you buddy.. You were just like my little brother.. And it still hasn't hit me that we'll never be able fight again - Or play dark tag.. or anything.. it's just not the same:( It's been almost 1 year and 8 months.. It seems like yesterday that you left, but then again, it seems like it's been forever.. I still remember everything.. What you looked like, what i wore, how i felt... At your dinner after your funeral when Brookie knocked over a few pictures and about took down the christmas tree (Yeah, she's still as graceful as she always was) I remember being at your house right before you got diagnosed.. I miss you being a goofball haha I remember the Kenny Chesney concert  (I know I've already talked about all these things in my last post, and your probably tired of listening to me, but I love remembering:)  Haha so anyways, on the way to the Kenny Chesney concert, we hadn't even gotten out of the driveway, and you said "HEY DAD, GUESS WHAT" And good 'ole Jeffrey said, "What, Brad" And you answered in you're normal voice "I'm horny."  Haha man buddy I miss you:(    Going fishing, me, you, brookie, and luke... Haha we'd make brookie get into the water (Even though we were always told before we left to stay out of the water, but how often did we ACTUALLY listen to what mama and papa wallin told us;) Haha anyways, we'd make Brookie get into the water to get clams.. Because clams are GOOD bait.. Even though, to this day, I've still never caught a fish down there.. Maybe next time I go, you can help me out, considering you always caught some.. Hmm let's think of some other memories.. Haha you going to dirty websites on the computer with Cole;) Haha you guys were HORRIBLE! By the way Brad, I've been thinking, and how is Shotzie? Or Winnie?  Oh boy do I miss Winnie:(  I definetely wish you could meet (Well, who knows if you haven't already met..) your new dog, Oreo:) She's one of the cutest little dogs I've ever seen:) It's great, but I haven't seen her in a LONG time.. Hopefully me and Brookie will start getting close again.. I really miss hanging out with her!  So little man, how ya been? You been playin' some baseball up there (Probably a stupid question, I mean look who I'm talking to)  Well, I hope your team is doin' good up there:)  Oh, and thanks for all the luck with IVC's sports teams this year!  2nd place in state for basketball, not too bad.. I wish you coulda been there, you woulda been going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!  Wow.. Buddy.. I still can't even believe this.. I still can't listen to "Live like you were dyin'" without bursting into tears.. It's so hard.. I just miss you so darn much!

Well keep watching over all of us, and keep us all safe!

Oh, and if it's you doing all the weird stuff.. Keep it up, it makes me feel a lot better knowing you're okay up there:)

Put in a good word to the big man for me;)


Still Missing, && Thinking About You Every Single Day!  / Abby Shane (Friend)  Read >>
Still Missing, && Thinking About You Every Single Day!  / Abby Shane (Friend)
Brad-- it seems just like yesterday you were here ..but in reality its been a litte over a year=[ it still hasn't hit me that your truly gone! and i wish you weren't. Im sure you know already ..but Caity Hartwig got in a wreck and died on 7-14-06..=[ i hope your showing her around up in heaven..which im sure you are. But i miss you greatly..and im going to go up to see you soon..i promise..=[ please dont forget about me bradley..i love you very much!! Ohhh and by the way.. are you the one who keeps pulling my hair? cause its been done to me twice now, and when i turn around no ones there. I really hope its you, so i know your ok, and still the way you are even after you left us!  I Love YOU Bradley, and just so you know ive been wearing you bracelet every single day not ever taking it off, unless im showing somebody it, to show how much i care and miss you and supporting your family. i hope your doing ok!:) and if that is you pulling my hair. you can keep doing it or you can contact me a different way:) Love You. R.I.P.!<33 Close
I really really really miss you!  / Hallie (Friend:))  Read >>
I really really really miss you!  / Hallie (Friend:))
Hey buddy!

I just stopped by to say Hi, and let you know that I miss you.... A LOT!  Is it as good as they say it is up there?  I'm sure you're having a hell of a time!  I love you buddy and I'll never forget all the GREAT times me, you and Brookie had  Driving the golf cart around, playing dark tag (Which by the way, me, and Brookie used to try and play it without you, it just wasn't the same!), uhh, you beating me up with your crutches (You just wait til I join you up in Heaven mister, you're gonna get it!  ), Going to see Kenny Chesney with you and AO (Me and Brookie went last year too, it was just as good, and Gretchen Wilson was AMAZING!).

I remember a few months after you left us, me and Brookie would just go in your room, and just sit there.. Or when we were taking down your bed to give it to Jared, your dad smelled the sheets, just to see if he could smell you (By the way, that was the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life)

I really really really miss you Bradley, and I hope you know that me and pretty much the whole town of Chillicothe misses you!

We all love you, and keep watching over!

<3 Close
Miss you  / Garrett Smick (Friend)  Read >>
Miss you  / Garrett Smick (Friend)
Bradley,  I miss you. My mom brought me to see you the other day.  I still like to talk to  you.  Watch over my family for me. Close
Thinking of your family today.  / Rick Lingenfelter   Read >>
Thinking of your family today.  / Rick Lingenfelter
Jeff, Lori and Brooke,

Thinking of your family today.  Praying for you all.  Hope that wonderful memories of Brad will fill you today.

Rick Close
Angel Brad  / Char Williamson (Friend)  Read >>
Angel Brad  / Char Williamson (Friend)

Angel Brad:  Went to visit you Friday night but, of course, you know that.  Played Cookie's "Right Field" for you.  Bobo and I decided that you were singing right along with the music. 

We sent our dog, Charlie, up for you to take for walks.  The family misses him but not as much as we miss you.  Your presence is always with us and there is not a day that goes by we don't think of our angel. 

You are so loved and so missed.   Char
I miss you buddy  / Harley Durham (friend)  Read >>
I miss you buddy  / Harley Durham (friend)


We all miss you very much and we know you fought very hard with your battle.

Brad i didn't know you very well but i sure knew that you fought very,very hard.

(Gone But Not Forgotten):)


Thinking about you guys!!  / Jenny Cox   Read >>
Thinking about you guys!!  / Jenny Cox

Just heard Walking in Memphis and thought of Brad.  Missing his smile.  Especially when he was up to something.  Which was quite often!!!!   Brooke-hope you had a good first day of High School.  Take care guys.

Birthday Morning  / Aunt Molly (Aunt)  Read >>
Birthday Morning  / Aunt Molly (Aunt)

The morning is so perfect today. 
Crisp, clear, cool with such a big bright blue sky.
Did you have something to do with it, I wonder?
Is it your gift to all of us who miss you so?
A gift to us on your earthly birthday perhaps?
I'd like to think it's you who is responsible for such a beautiful day today, especially after so many days of oppressive heat.

I still see blue birds each morning out my window.  And I think of you.  

To your Mom and Dad and sister, Brooke today, I wish for peace in their hearts.  I know you do too.

Love, Aunt Molly

A birthday wish...  / Michelle &. Kaitlyn March   Read >>
A birthday wish...  / Michelle &. Kaitlyn March
Bradley...just thinking of you on your birthday.  I'm sure you have a party planned to top them all but make sure you send a special message to your Mom, Dad and Brooke today.  It will be a hard first to not have you here with them to celebrate your birthday but a message from you would sure wipe away a few tears.  Thinking of you and your family often. Close
Just stopped by  / Heather, Cody And Austin Cox   Read >>
Just stopped by  / Heather, Cody And Austin Cox
Just stoppped to say we are thinking about you all.  We too miss seeing Brad on the ball field...his smile and laughter will live on forever in our hearts Close
Sorry i made a mistake!  / Abby Shane   Read >>
Sorry i made a mistake!  / Abby Shane
so sorry didn't know it sent it 3 times!!:-/ very sorry about that but i hope you like what i wrote! God Bless You..Love you guys! Close
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